Pregnancy Pain


  • Low back pain
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)/Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
  • Thoracic/rib pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (tingling/swollen hands)
  • Coccyx pain
  • Bladder/bowel incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Separation of abdominal muscles/weak abdominals following delivery
  • Pain from Caesarian section scar
  • Sexual discomfort/loss of sensation

 Treatments Offered

  • Postural advice and correction
  • Back care advice
  • Manual (‘hands on’) therapy
  • Correct positions for labour/delivery with back/pelvic girdle pain
  • Relaxation/breathing techniques for labour
  • Manual therapy
  • Support belts/wrist splints
  • Pilates/core stability training
  • Tummy check for separation of abdominals
  • Personalised exercise regimes ante/post-natally
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and training

How Can I Help You?

Are you experiencing back ache, pelvic girdle or other pregnancy pain? Or are you still experiencing lots of unpleasant physical after effects since having your baby?

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