Life After Birth Session

life after birth
Having a new baby is a very exciting experience but can also be a stressful one due to all the sudden changes that occur within your body. 

This often leaves us feeling anxious about what is ‘normal’ and how to start regaining our figure and previous level of fitness. 

We also often have lots of questions we want to ask about aches and pains, sexual dysfunction, incontinence and prolapse. But don’t know who to approach.

What happens at a Life After Birth session?

Whether you have had a vaginal or caesarean delivery, the Life After Birth Session is for you.

This one-off 45 minute session with the specialist physiotherapist will enable you to discuss any anxieties or questions you have and includes:

  • Tummy check for separation of your muscles
  • Individual abdominal exercise routine
  • Advice on safe return to exercise/sport
  • Pelvic floor muscle training
  • It is also an opportunity to discuss any problems with your bladder or bowel or any back/pelvic girdle pain.

How Can I Help You?

Don’t suffer in silence! Call me today on 0789 824 6219 for a one-to-one consultation about Life After Birth. My treatment room is based in Southend on Sea.