Incontinence Conditions Treated

bladder incontinence due to_prolapse

  • Stress urinary incontinence (leaking on cough, sneeze, laughing, exercise
  • Urinary urgency ( a sudden urge to pass urine and maybe leaking on the way to the toilet)
  • Frequency of passing urine ( more than 6-8 times per day)
  • Faecal incontinence (leaking liquid or solid stool from the bowel)
  • Faecal urgency (a sudden urge to pass a bowel movement )
  • Difficulty controlling wind
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse (including womb, bladder& bowel )
  • Sexual dysfunction (including pain on sexual intercourse, lack of sensation and vulval pain)
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles following childbirth
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation following surgery (hysterectomy and prolapse repairs)

fecal incontinence through bowel prolapse
Treatments Offered for Incontinence

  • Pelvic floor assessment ( vaginal or rectal if required)
  • Individualised pelvic floor muscle training
  • Bladder & bowel training programmes
  • Constipation advice & management
  • Fluid intake & dietary advice
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Biofeedback
  • Vaginal cones
  • Continence aids

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